Business Opportunity for a Housewife

This is the Business Opportunity for a Housewife Side Business that is More Interested in 2022

Decoo Info – Housewife side business opportunity, There are so many housewives in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta who really need a business or business that can improve or add to their family finances.

There are actually so many things that can be done in free time so that it will increase income for housewives.

But whether a business or a side business is suitable for housewives, maybe the following article can answer it.

Here are 3 Housewife Side Business Businesses That Are More In Interest:

Business Opportunity for a Housewife

#1. Teaching Tutoring or Private Lessons

If you have a teaching talent, you may be able to open tutoring or teach private lessons.

Many parents are looking for teachers for their children in mathematics, English, physics, chemistry or teaching reading like Calistung.

For the first step maybe you can do the following:

  • Send a letter of offer or a relationship with the school near where you live, and offer services
  • teach tutoring or private lessons for several fields.
  • Maybe you can also advertise in the local newspaper.
  • Contact the homeschooling community around you and offer these private tutoring services.

#2. Craft Business

If you have the skills to make crafts maybe you can make a craft that you like and sell it in the online and offline world.

Use free online media as a means of selling your handicrafts such as Toko Bagus, Kaskus, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The steps for selling it can be done in the following way.

  • The first is that you can sell your craft products at various bazaars or shopping events around where you live.
  • The second step you can make business cards and distribute them to appropriate and targeted places.
  • The third step is you can make flyers containing gift ideas from craft products, and distribute them ahead of the holiday season or certain celebrations.
  • The fourth step is to collect a list of names that will become your potential customers as much as possible.
  • Also compile a list of birthdays and wedding anniversaries of relatives, friends, acquaintances and offer them your craft products as gifts.

#3. Reseller Business

If you are a housewife who does not have the skills above, maybe you can try a housewife side business opportunity to become a reseller of an online store.

By becoming a reseller, especially dropship, you don’t have to spend excessively stocking products.

You just sell the product and the product is sent through the online store, easy right? Here are the initial steps to become a reseller.

Decide what products you want to sell first.

  • Find an online shop that sells the product you want and offer to become a reseller there and ask how the process is
  • After these two steps have been done you can sell it on Blackberry, social media, buying and selling forums, etc.
  • That’s the review of the article on the side business opportunities for housewives who are more in demand in 2022

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