Recommended Best Stock Management Applications

10 Recommended Best Stock Management Applications

Nowadays, you can find “online shops everywhere. Whether it’s on Instagram or on a “marketplace like Shopee, there are many variations of online stores from many” niches.

This is because online store businesses have great potential to generate profits. , at all only done from home and only with a PC, “smartphone,” and the internet.

However, in fact, not everyone can become an online store owner,” you know! You also need to be able to record transactions, produce financial reports, and manage stock of goods so that you can carry out an accurate evaluation of your sales results.

10 Recommended Best Stock Management Applications

Recommended Best Stock Management Applications

Instead of bothering to manage stock manually, why not just use an app? Nowadays, there are many goods management applications that can make transaction processing, inputting goods, and providing reports automatically and integrated, for example like the one below.

1. Fishbowl Inventory

It’s called a business, you have to make sure all your stock is properly recorded, even if you use a variety of marketplace channels. Now, there’s the right item management application for you, namely Fishbowl Warehouse.

With this application, stock data contained in Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and Magento can be synchronized. This is because Fishbowl Warehouse can actually be integrated with various “platforms, including” accounting platforms such as Xero and QuickBooks.

You can install this application on your PC. However, there are also Fishbowl Go mobile applications that can scan item barcodes while you are monitoring the remaining stock in the warehouse.

This way, you can easily update your knowledge on every item with just an Android and iOS smartphone. You can make a request to get the demo version, or you can try the free trial before shopping via this link.

2. Megaventory

This is Megaventory, a “cloud”-based item management application to make it easier for business owners to monitor inventory accurately. In fact, this Megaventory can provide a warning when stock is running low so you can get ready to do a “restock”.

Megaventory application is a multi-platform, can be used for PC or smartphone. Offering an attractive and easy-to-understand interface, Megaventory is the preferred application choice for business people to save time.

Of course, there are no business people who want their data to be exposed, therefore Megaventory also offers to provide secure information. Anyway, this is one application that must be owned by franchisees, wholesalers, or those in the manufacturing sector.

Unfortunately this application is not free, you are required to pay a monthly subscription fee of $135 or approximately Rp. 1.8 million (Pro version). Let’s find out more about the Megaventory application by clicking here!

3. Inflow Inventory

Well, for this one stock management application, there is no need to doubt its features. Inflow Inventory has been downloaded and used by 1 million people out there, making it one of the most trusted apps for managing your store.

This application can be used on a PC or on a cellphone. Like the previous application, you can also perform barcode scanning on goods in the warehouse. And uniquely again, you can also print labels using a DYMO printer from the data available in Inflow Inventory.

Of course, the advantages do not end there. Apparently, Inflow Inventory is one of the applications with the most beautiful and aesthetic interface design on this list. You can even add product photos from each item entry that is made. Interested? You can try the free trial without having to enter any knowledge. credit card,” you know! Try the application at this link.

4. HandiFox Online

For those of you who don’t want to pay a lot for an application, HandiFox can be the right application choice. With friendly prices but with features that are no less interesting, HandiFox can be an accurate stock automation solution for small business players.

HandiFox Online is a variant available for Android and iOS devices. Meanwhile, if you want to use a PC as a data center from all warehouses, you can use HandiFox Desktop. Although, this “desktop” version is actually quite expensive.

Don’t worry, for medium scale utilization, HandiFox Online has started to be sufficient for all stock needs. There are three payment plans for HandiFox Online, namely “Start” ($39month),” Optima ($79), and “Pro ($109month). But it must be remembered, even though what is listed is the price per month, in fact you can be charged for a year at once.

If you really want to pay monthly, the price is different for each package. HandiFox Online is also very suitable for beginners, because it has quality online support, ready to help you whenever there are obstacles or things you don’t understand.


Some of the applications in this list actually tend to be dominated by external applications. Now, here is another stock management application made by the nation’s children with features that are more suitable for local needs, namely

Actually this is a financial management application to record income and expenditure transactions, but it has a complete inventory management feature as well. You can monitor the presence of inventory in various warehouses at once in “real time, only through one” dashboard.

All calculated buying and selling transactions can be recorded accurately, based on the grouping of categories you want. Not only that, the application can be integrated with the POS (point of sale) process, making it easier for business actors to monitor synchronized cash flows automatically.

Want to understand how much it costs? Don’t worry, it’s quite affordable, “however! The easiest is the “Starter” package which is priced at Rp. 199 thousand a month, and the most expensive is “Enterprise” at a price of Rp. 599 thousand a month. Actually there is a package above it again, namely “Enterprise+ which has the most complete features, but the price of this package is not listed on the official page.

6. Genie Shop

Apart from, there are also Genie Shops, which are stock management applications that use Indonesian. This Genie Shop is suitable for those of you who sell “online in various” marketplaces at once, because you can copy the same product from one “platform to another” platform. As a result, you can reach more potential customers without having to bother entering one product again. by one.

Besides being able to open more shops thanks to this Genie Shop, you can also get accurate business predictions thanks to the Business Analysis feature of the Genie Shop. In addition to product management, there are many other features offered such as customer management, monitoring data, and providing Open API for internal process integration.

7. Household Register

Whether it’s stock of goods at home or at the office, everything can be managed easily through this application. The interface side is actually a bit dated, but it’s always as useful as it should be. You can input items in seconds, change categories, update quantity, and so on.

But unfortunately this application actually seems simpler, does not support integration with third parties like other applications. But the advantage is, the Household Register is fairly easy to operate and you don’t need any training to be able to use it immediately. All information is listed in detail on one dashboard. Let’s download the application at this link!

8. Vladovsoft Sklad

Want a stock application with integrated invoice creation? Just use this Vladovsoft Sklad. Available in free and paid versions, you can also be more flexible in choosing the package you need according to your budget.

Even if you choose the free version, you don’t have to worry. The reason is, the free version forever offers an unlimited quantity of goods and sales data input features.

In addition, Vladovsoft Sklad also offers the feature of printing “invoices,” reports, tables, and includes forms with print previews” in order to minimize errors after printing. You can download this application for free here. As for the Plus version, there is a fee for $99.

9. eStock

If you or your staff rarely use PCs and are more required to be mobile, there’s no harm in tasting the eStock available on the Google Play Store. It’s an app that’s too easy to use, just take a quick look at how it looks and you’re guaranteed to be able to use it right away to advance your store.

Stock purchases and sales are displayed with the “In” and “Out” logos in green and red to make it easier for you to read transaction history. Instead, there is a “pie chart” showing how much stock was sold and bought, and how much was in stock.

If you only want to view transaction history for a certain date range, eStock also has a very adequate filtering process. Because this application is free, let’s download and try the features of eStock via this link!

10. Simple Stock Manager

One more stock management application available on Android, namely Simple Stock Manager. As the name implies, you are guaranteed not to mess around with this application because it offers a simple and attractive interface. You can even customize the low stock notification with the desired value.

Simple Stock Manager also has solid security processes, allowing users to do ” Backup to SD Card is encrypted. Want to submit an item transaction report to the meeting room? Just export it to a CSV or PDF file. Anyway, all your trading affairs are made easy thanks to Simple Stock Manager.

Apparently there are quite a few applications that you can use for the progress of your store. The ten applications certainly have their own pros and cons, you can read the reviews above to choose which application is right. We want you to be able to make more profit and save more while for your business. Good luck!

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