10 Best Job Applications for Job Seekers Who Want to Increase Income

10 Best Job Applications for Job Seekers Who Want to Increase Income

With just a smart and sophisticated smartphone, you can now get a job online. Finding work is actually not easy, but currently there are many job vacancies applications that support and make it easier for job seekers. Both domestic and foreign job vacancies.

10 Best Job Applications for Job Seekers Who Want to Increase Income

That’s why, Carisignal’s goal this time is the 10 best job vacancies for job seekers. Ready to get a job today with one of the job vacancies? Here’s a review of 10 reviews on DECOO INFO.

10 Best Job Applications for Job Seekers Who Want to Increase Income

1. JobStreet

JobStreet is one of the best job vacancies in Indonesia. You can apply for more than 230 thousand jobs through this one application. For those of you who want to work abroad, you can also look for it on JobStreet. Because JobStreet not only provides vacancies from Indonesia, but also other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The features embedded in the JobStreet job application also make it easier for job seekers with the presence of mobile notifications. LiNa JobStreet will provide additional new job notifications every day via email and you can directly apply for the job only through your Android phone. Easy and simple right? Click here to download the JobStreet application.

2. LinkedIn

Not only as a social media application, LinkedIn also acts as a job application, you know. Thousands or more millions of professionals have LinkedIn accounts and not infrequently companies or other work areas track employees through LinkedIn.

In its features, LinkedIn also provides additional job notifications that are suitable and suitable for you because at first you need to fill in your knowledge about your skills. LinkedIn users can also write articles that will then be shared and also read by other LinkedIn users, even more so by companies that need your skills.

How, are you ready to land today with the job application, LinkedIn? Just need to click here to download it.

3. Indeed Job Search

Still around job vacancies that provide new jobs in various countries. Indeed Job Search provides a variety of tools to facilitate job seekers with more than 200 million new jobs. In addition, more than 60 countries and 28 different languages ​​are contained in this Indeed job search, you know.

For those of you who don’t want to get a job that is very far away, you can track jobs in an area close to where you live by using the GPS feature available on your smartphone.” Not only permanent jobs, moreover jobs for interns are also available inside Indeed job search listings Interested in tracking jobs through Indeed? Click here to download.

4. TopCareer

TopKarir is a web and job search application that is quite popular. On the Play Store, more than 100 thousand people have downloaded this app to their devices.

TopKarir has a number of features. In addition to looking for jobs from various companies, ranging from start-ups to large companies for fresh graduates and experienced ones, you can also find internship vacancies to gain experience before entering the world of work.

Apart from that, you can also track part-time jobs while on TopKarir. There is even a feature that allows you to take interest and aptitude tests as well as a feature that contains the latest scholarship information.

5. Kormo Jobs

Kormo Jobs is a trusted job search application owned by Google. So far Kormo Jobs has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store and can be an easy way to get your dream job.

There are millions of jobs already posted on Kormo Jobs. Kormo Jobs specializes in the retail, logistics, IT & admin services, and hospitality industries and offers jobs such as retail sales associate, shipping and warehouse operations, and customer service representative.

6. Kalibrr Job Search

The job search app Kalibrr Job Search suggests jobs to you based on your skills, experience and interests. You can find opportunities to work in big companies through this app.

Apart from being a place to track jobs, Kalibrr Job Search also offers a suite of features to make it easy for you to create a great resume in minutes. That way, you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a resume with great difficulty.

7. Facebook (Job Group)

Facebook is a multifunctional social tool. Not only as a social network, Facebook is also often used by some people to track job vacancies.

On Facebook you can find many groups that offer job vacancies every day. Interestingly, these job vacancies are regional in nature. This means that you can join a job vacancy group that operates in the area of ​​your residence, such as the Bandung Jobs Group, Jakarta, etc.

However, because job postings are usually not direct companies, you should always be careful when getting job vacancies from Facebook.

8. Job2Go

Job2Go is an application that provides additional employee recruitment services, financial services for workers, commerce and education. Job2Go focuses on providing the best service for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia in tracking workers who are suitable for SME businesses.

The Job2Go application has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times on the Play Store. One of the features of Job2Go is that it allows you to be able to apply for jobs without a CV. So, just by filling out your full profile, you can already apply for the job you want.

9. Projects.co.id (Website)

Well, this website is popular among independent job seekers or freelancers. On this web you can find a lot of freelance job offers that offer a hefty paycheck. You can find jobs regardless of your interests, one of which is as a freelance writer.

The pay offered for each job varies depending on the employer. The value can be tens of thousands to millions of rupiah. Interestingly, you can make offers to employers so that the value of the work matches your wishes.

10. Freelancers

If in the beginning the job vacancy application was more devoted to permanent workers, it was not the same as this Freelancer application. As the name implies, the Freelancer app is a job seeker app for you to track part-time job vacancies.

You only need to register your personal data to do Sign Up. You can also submit a proposal to be more trusted by companies even though you are only a freelancer. You can show your professionalism here. Ready? Click here to download the Freelancer application.

So, those are the 10 best job vacancies in Indonesia that you can use to track jobs. Ready to sign an employment contract today?

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