Benefits of Printing Brochures For Marketing Purposes

5 Benefits of Printing Brochures For Marketing Purposes

Who doesn’t know brochures? Promotional media, which are mostly made of paper, contain a variety of important and interesting information about the products or services offered by a company.

Times have actually changed, many companies are flocking to use other facilities that are recognized as efficient as promotional tools. Social media like Instagram, for example.

Even so, that does not mean the brochure lost its fans. There are still many companies that use brochures to advertise their products or services, because brochures of course have their own advantages that other promotional tools do not have.

5 Benefits of Printing Brochures For Marketing Purposes

Benefits of Printing Brochures For Marketing Purposes

Now, for this opportunity, Carisignal will share info about the benefits of printing and using brochures for marketing purposes. Want to know, what are the advantages of brochures? Just take a look at the discussion below.

1. Small in size but full of information

Yes, the average brochure has a small and compact size. Starting from the size of A5 to A4 paper which is sometimes also folded into more than one part. However, as previously stated, brochures can contain a lot of important information about one or more products and services offered by a company to educational institutions.

An example is the brochure that we usually get while shopping at a supermarket. The brochure contains a brief description as well as prices and photos of the products sold to consumers. Or “€¦ brochures from a campus that contain info about study programs, vision and mission to the facilities available on campus.

In fact, not infrequently, in the brochure, information about tuition fees has also been included which makes it easier for prospective students to realize how much it costs to study at the campus.

In a brochure also mostly contained contact numbers or email addresses, to social facilities accounts from the company or institution. So, people who see or read the brochure can directly contact the party concerned. So, printing brochures can provide additional benefits for service or product users to help get what they are looking for easily.

In addition, the use of brochures also provides additional benefits to service providers or companies that sell products to get customers who shop or use the products and services they offer.

2. Affordable Production Cost

Who says printing brochures can drain the pocket? For” your” info,” print brochure” it doesn’t cost as much as making an advertisement in the form of a video,” you know.” Especially if you make brochures or simple “flyers” in large quantities, most printers will provide additional special prices, so you can save on expenses.”

3. Short Production Time

Did you know, now you can produce brochures in large quantities without spending a lot of time, you know. If you live in the capital, there are several “printers in Jakarta” that provide printing services for 500 sheets or one ream in a short time, which is only two to three hours.” ”

In addition, most brochures only require a single issue, but you can reprint them in bulk at a later time.

4. Flexible Design

Another benefit of printing brochures for marketing purposes is that you can make the following brochure a corporate identity through its design or appearance. Yes, the design of the brochure is very flexible, so you can also create a brochure with a concept that fits your request or needs.

5. Easily Shared Together

Advertising through social facilities is actually light and practical, and it doesn’t cost much. In addition, the information can also be spread in a matter of seconds or minutes. However, not everyone from various backgrounds has a social media account, so the following information or advertisements may not be spread evenly across the community.

It’s different with brochures made of paper. Not only for those who have social media accounts, if you use brochures as a promotional tool, you can also reach people from various circles, as well as those who don’t have social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram.

Brochures can be shared anywhere. Not only in work areas or schools, brochures can be distributed on buses, trains, in shopping centers, parking lots to traditional markets. So, you can easily attract customers or potential service users.

Well, that’s Cari Signal’s discussion about the benefits of printing brochures for marketing purposes that you should know. Especially when You are a business person.

If you want your business to run smoothly and have lots of loyal customers, it doesn’t hurt to use brochures as the main promotional facility for your business. Oh yes, you don’t have to be confused about looking for a printer that can print good brochures and according to your requests and needs as well as the company’s. There are many printers that offer services for printing brochures, business cards, invitation cards to paper bags scattered all over the city.

However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on brochure printing and don’t have much time to stop by the nearest printer, you can place an order for an “online” brochure at “ It’s very easy, isn’t it? How, interested to try using brochures as a promotional facility for the business you run?” “

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