5 Asus ROG Accessories For Gamers

Not only laptops but also ROG accessories have a lot of fans. Because this special gaming accessory promises a better gaming experience, moreover, the design offered is a gahar design, which is definitely more attractive.

Similarly, the features on offer are arguably the best in class. In addition, the variety of accessories is also quite abundant, which is ready to meet the needs of gamers. Simply choose the right ROG accessory for your character.


With the use of this accessory, you can definitely increase the fun of playing with the features offered. Gaming ability can be increased with ROG accessories as they can be tailored to gamers’ needs.

Curious? Here are 5 ASUS ROG accessory recommendations for you.

5 Asus ROG Accessories For Gamers

1. ROG Strix Wireless Gaming Headset

ROG Strix Wireless features an aggressive yet stylish headset design. With wireless connection via Bluetooth, this gaming headset delivers clear sound quality within 15 meters.

There is a microphone that offers clear voice chat quality to communicate with your teammates. This microphone is also detachable.

ASUS Sonic Studio technology with 7.1 surround sound delivers precise audio experiences for detailed sounds in games. Set the desired sound profile yourself in ASUS Sonic Studio software.

2. ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse

Take full control of every game with the ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse. The mouse with this futuristic design will make the gaming experience more complete. With 6 configurable thumb buttons as needed, you can be sure that you will dominate the game.

Plus, ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse also features onboard flash memory for storing button profiles, so you don’t have to reset buttons every time you start a game. The hard-textured rubber ensures a solid grip. LED lights not only provide an attractive visual appearance, but also provide a battery indicator function on this ROG accessory.

3. ROG Sleeved Mouse Pad

Improve your weapon accuracy or turn your vehicle into a game with the ROG Sheath mouse pad. This mouse pad is 90 x 44 cm in size, it can be used as a laptop or keyboard for PC users. Its iconic ROG logo can confirm its gaming status.

With a smooth texture, this ROG accessory guarantees precision down to the pixel level. Basically, the rubber material is used to prevent the mouse pad from slipping due to its aggressiveness when gaming. The edges are sewn firmly and securely to minimize material shedding.

4. ROG XRANGER backpack

Carry your ROG device with the XRANGER Full Compartment Backpack. Designed for laptops up to 17 inches, this backpack features a foam-lined compartment to withstand impacts that can damage your ROG laptop.

This bag can easily hold a mouse, a headset or a camera. The shoulder strap of this bag is also equipped with a smartphone pocket for easy access. A casual style matching bag with a sporty exterior design, also suitable for those who also want to be fashionable.

5. ROG Ranger Case

For maximum mobility when transporting a desktop PC, the ROG Ranger Case is the answer. Physically shaped to resemble a travel case, the ROG Ranger Case features a distinctive design with display of the ROG logo and “The Choice of Champions” tagline on the front.

The combination of ABS and polycarbonate materials with an aluminum frame protects all your ROG desktop devices. Inside, the ROG Ranger Case features detachable pockets for use outside the case. When it comes to security, this case features a TSA-certified 3-digit PIN lock.

So, are you ready to bring some ROG accessories with you?

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