Top 15 Apps Singing Karaoke Recommendations Of 2022

Singing Karaoke is a fun activity. There are already many of the best karaoke apps that offer a variety of favorite music from around the world. You can access all of these apps from your Android or iOS smartphone.

This singing karaoke app can definitely be a friend during downtime or family gatherings. You also get the correct lyrics for each song. So you don’t have to worry about singing later.

Come on, choose and download the best karaoke app now. Who knows, it may help bring out hidden talents.

Top 15 Apps Singing Karaoke Recommendations Of 2022

Apps Singing Karaoke Recommendations

Check out the recommendations of the best karaoke apps to try right now!

1. Sing! Smule’s Karaoke

For those of you who love karaoke, you must have heard of this app. Smule Karaoke app is an app that connects users with karaoke duo partners from around the world on a smartphone screen.

With this app you can save, share and even use different sound filters to embellish your singing.

Exceptionally, you can duet with friends at a party. In fact, there is also a duet with the original singer.

Smule has also been equipped with more than 800,000 song collections, added every day. There are different categories of music, such as pop, metal, rock, classical and others, or a selection of categories depending on the artist and the country.

2. Star Maker Lite

The Starmaker Lite app was originally called The Voice. It has currently changed its name to Starmaker Lite with exactly the same features as The Voice.

The Starmaker Lite app may be the best place to channel your singing talents. In this karaoke app you will be challenged to sing with the best skill to amaze millions of eyes and ears around the world.

Save recordings of your performances and share them with your friends to let everyone know about your hidden abilities.

3. House party Apps

Do you want to do karaoke with friends through video calls? Try one of the best karaoke apps, Houseparty!

Houseparty has a video call feature right in the app. You can make video calls with up to 10 friends on the app.

Using the Houseparty app is easy. All you have to do is contact the friend you want to karaoke with and then simply click on the microphone image at the top right of the screen. After that, you can choose from over 10,000 available songs!

The best Houseparty karaoke app is available for iOS and Android.

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4. Yokee Music Karaoke

Do you want to do karaoke while recording your voice? You can use this Karaoke by Yokee Music app. In addition to voice, you can also record videos while singing!

The good thing is that you can customize the audio and video effects while doing karaoke. You can even connect with friends for virtual karaoke together.

This Karaoke by Yokee Music app is available for iOS and Android.

5. Sing Apps

Previously, one of the best karaoke apps was called iSing. However, it has now changed its name to WeSing.

The karaoke app is packed with millions of songs that are really fun to play alone or with friends. You can also record karaoke with effects.

Interestingly, you can share your karaoke recordings on social networks!

WeSing itself is available for iOS and Android.

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6. Youtube Apps

As you know, YouTube is not a karaoke app. However, Google’s video streaming service offers plenty of free karaoke videos.

To find the song you want, you need to use the right keywords. Simply add the words “lyrics”, “lyrics” or “karaoke” to the title of the song you want to search for. Usually the search results are a karaoke video of the song you are looking for.

For example, type “Go Kasih Chrisye Karaoke”, you will find different karaoke videos for the song.

The advantage of YouTube itself is that the application is available on iOS, Android, PC, even Smart TV. Therefore, YouTube deserves to be considered as the best karaoke app.

7. Musically Apps

Slightly different from Smule, this app is used to record short lip sync videos and you can directly share the results on your social networks.

This Musically app allows users to cut or join specific parts of the video and then add music or sound effects to them.

Through this application, users known as “musers” can record and present 15-second music videos of their favorite songs.

Musical has a variety of features to make your lip sync video even cooler. There is a Time Machine feature that plays videos backwards. There is a time trap feature that can create videos like repeat, slow motion, acceleration, and interval. There’s also a color filter feature that makes videos appear in a variety of colors and tones, including vintage and black and white.

Musically has also provided a huge library of music from different genres, so you no longer have to worry about finding your favorite music or songs. To select a song, just touch the “Select Music” menu.

Apps Singing Karaoke Recommendations

8. Dubshash Apps

Dubsmash app can also be used to create lip sync videos with different sounds or fun songs.

In Dubsmash you can choose from three categories: Trending, Discover and My Sounds.

There are several themes to choose from for the Trending category, including Comedy, Love, Cartoons, Animals, Reality TV, Party, and Superheroes & Villains.

In the Discover category, users can search for trending audio clips. Meanwhile, in the My Sounds category, users are free to upload their own sound clips.

Dubsmash provides songs or sounds so that we can create videos instantly and quickly. These sounds are created by Dubsmash users from all over the world.

9. Mimic Apps

Mimic is also an application to create lip sync videos of popular songs or funny conversations that we can freely imitate.

Don’t be afraid to go out of style, as Mimic also offers a variety of video effects such as: B. the option to capture fast or slow motion from any angle of the video you are creating.

10. Sing Play Apps

This app converts MP3 songs into karaoke tracks that you can sing along to. You can also get full lyrics without entering any other data. This app also keeps the good quality of the song without reducing the sound too much.

The song you sing can also be recorded, you know. That’s it, you can edit the recording for better results. Then share it on your social networks, okay?

Oh yeah, SingPlay is no longer visible on the Android Digital Store. You need to search for it in the APK search location.

11. Apps KaraFun

What this best karaoke app brings is a simple and easy to use interface. KaraFun also offers a tuning function that allows you to adjust the tempo to sync the sound.

Even better, you can connect this app to a smart TV using the streaming method. To do this, you need to use Google Chromecast connected to the TV. After that, you can comfortably experience karaoke.

12. Joox

You may know that Joox is a popular music player app that offers thousands of songs from all over the world. On the other hand, you can also use this app for karaoke. Each song also includes lyrics.

Simply select the sing function in the Joox app to start karaoke. Then record your singing live. This feature can also be used alone, in a duo or in a group, you know.

13. Wekara

This best karaoke app also has a huge collection of songs. You can also record audio directly from the app. Enjoy the sound effects feature of this app to make the recording better and more unique.

You can also easily duet with your friends or family with Wekara. However, this app is only available for Android smartphones, mind you.

14. Karaoke Midifun

You can get a lot of convenience in this app. Overall, you are spoiled for choice with always current songs ranging from the 2000s to contemporary songs. To play it, you can do karaoke right in the app without having to download the song first.

Not only that, this app also includes a quiz feature, you know. If you are tired of singing, you can guess the song from the lyrics displayed on the screen.

15. My voice

This app stores millions of Indonesian popular songs. Besides, you can also get foreign songs on the latest charts. So you can choose the best song to sing.

Similar to other best karaoke apps, Suaraku has a recording editing feature. You can also add visual effects to make your work more stable.

Well, this is a series of the best karaoke apps for you to choose from. Which app do you think is your favorite right now?

Here are the recommendations of the top 6 karaoke apps on HP that you can try for those who love to sing. Would you like to try one of these?

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