5 All-in-one PCs For Less Than $500 Recommended

All-in-one PCs under Rs 5 crore are arguably the best option to support office or home work. Also, using an All-in-One PC (AiO) has the advantage of a compact design, so the desktop area can be more spacious.

With PC AiO there are no more annoying cables. Furthermore, the average AiO PC also has a pretty attractive and modern design. Also, this is only available with an all-in-one PC for less than Rs 5 crore.

All-in-one PC under $500

5 All-in-one PCs For Less Than $500 Recommended

Speaking of specifications, the all-in-one PC also promises pretty good performance and is ready to handle the daily activities of its users. Well, if you plan to buy an AiO PC for activities? Here are 5 all-in-one PC recommendations under Rs 5 crore for practical computing purposes.

1. HP AiO-20, minimalist at an affordable price

AIO PC is one of the computers that can be chosen due to its affordable price. The HP AIO-20 PC series offers two color options and is manufactured in black and white. This PC color selection provides an easy feel when you want to keep your PC in the workspace.

This PC monitor is 19.5 inches in size with built-in speaker function and DVD optical drive. Thanks to this design, your workspace can look cleaner without having many devices on the table.

The HP AIO-20 PC currently costs from Rs 4 crore accompanied by a full optical keyboard and mouse.

2. Acer Aspire AIO PC C20, with exterior design like iMac

You can get this AIO PC from a price range of Rs 4.19 crore with black and white color availability. The Acer Aspire AIO PC features a display and stand similar to Apple’s revolutionary iMac.

The 19.5-inch screen size can be used more freely for computing or graphics needs. The use of this all-in-one PC is also RoHS certified, which means that the materials used to make the PC do not contain any harmful electronic materials.

3. Lenovo AIO 310, convenient and space-saving

Lenovo AIO 310’s 19.5-inch screen is designed in a choice of black and white colors. Priced at Rs 4,349,000, you can enjoy the all-in-one PC for less than Rs 5 million, you pretty much only need to plug in the power cable.

You can add specially designed keyboard and mouse functions to use space more efficiently during activities.

4. DELL Inspiron 3052 AIO with Waves MaxxAudio Technology

Just like AIO PCs in general, the Dell Inspiron AIO 310 has been integrated with speaker functionality to meet your audio needs. The speakers in this PC are not just an ordinary audio system, but support the Waves MaxxAudio stereo function to deliver ever clearer sound quality.

If you need audio quality for your video editing needs, this speaker is an important factor that you need for your activities. This feature is also useful to meet the needs of conference calls to sound crisp and clear.

The DELL Inspiron 3052 AIO starts at Rs 4.6 crore and is available in Black, Silver and White colours.

5. Lenovo AiO S200 easily meets multitasking needs

For computing needs on a budget, you can always buy the Lenovo AiO S200 PC series from online stores. The selling price is still around Rs 4,350,000 for a PC with a 19.5-inch screen.

The wide screen allows you to move freely, especially when you need multitasking or multimedia graphics. The bezel frame also supports the use of a VESA mount, allowing you to hang the monitor screen from the wall surface.

So, among the recommendations for the all-in-one PC under Rs 5 crore, which one would you like to choose?

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