5 Accessories That Make HP Gaming More Exciting

Playing games requires a mobile phone (HP) with high processing power for the game to run smoothly. However, to make the game even more exciting, you don’t just need HP.

In fact, it is also necessary to have specific or specially designed accessories to play. Sometimes game props seem unimportant. For example headphones. We are often satisfied with the use of standard HP speakers. Even if the headphone’s job isn’t just to buzz in your ear. The existence of such an accessory can even decide your victory in a game.

The price of accessories is generally not expensive. However, due to the large number of HP accessories sold in the market, you may feel a bit confused when it comes to finding the right one.

To help you find the right accessory to play games on your phone, check out OpenReview’s five recommendations below.

Accessories That Make HP Gaming

1. Joystick

Most HP games require you to control the game by touching the screen. For some people this is not convenient.

Well, there’s an accessory that will make you feel good and make it even easier for you to play HP games. The accessory is a joystick!

Most gamepads sold today come in the form of console controllers. Then experience the feeling of playing HP games like on a console. The existing buttons are positioned similar to a console controller. In addition, there is also a keyboard and analog buttons to control the direction.

Most of the controllers also come with Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can play without having to touch the screen.

Interestingly, these buttons can be customized to work as desired. For example, the A button to shoot, the B button to send an ability. The fact is that all you have to do is customize it to your liking!

Gamepads currently in circulation are offered with different models. A console driver exists without any additions. Some come with a stand that can hold a cell phone. There’s also a gamepad that makes your phone look like a Nintendo Switch.

The gamepad itself is guaranteed to make it easy for you to play HP games, especially controlling the characters. Instead of swiping the screen, you can simply press the directional or analog buttons.

The gamepads have different prices from 100,000 rupees to 300,000 rupees in Bukalapak. The more expensive, the more complete the functions.

2. Stand Holder

Do you already have a gamepad with a design similar to that of a console? The next accessory you must have is a kickstand.

With this device you can set your mobile phone or put it in standby mode. Well, you could say that the rear pad is an HP pad. With such a position, you will surely feel more comfortable while playing.

You can usually adjust the slope level of HP. How to find the most comfortable point of view to play your favorite game!

The price also varies between Rs 5,000 and Rs 100,000. Find the one that seems most convenient for you!

3. Headphones

Maybe you still rely on your mobile phone speakers. In fact, HP can make a loud noise, but sometimes it’s not detailed enough to indicate the enemy’s position. Therefore, you need headphones to hear better.

Currently there are also many headphones that are intended for gaming activities, as well as a TWS specially designed for gaming, which usually has low latency. This allows you to quickly see the position of the opponent.

Also look for headphones that already come with a microphone. The hope is that you can communicate with friends when you need to work together.

4. Joystick and L1 R1

Another inexpensive accessory you need is the L1 R1 gamepad. It is a combination of a gamepad, useful as a phone grip, and the L1 R1 button, which can be set as a fire button when playing war games like PUBG.

Don’t underestimate this accessory. Just like headphones, although they seem harmless and unnecessary, the L1 R1 gamepad is really very important. The existence of the gamepad itself can make your hand hold the mobile phone in a comfortable position. You will feel it when you play for a long time. Keeping HP in landscape mode while fighting for 1 hour is painful right? This is why gamepads are important.

No matter what game you play, the gamepad will make your grip more comfortable. Instead of being tired of holding your phone, it actually feels like you’re holding a game console joystick.

Meanwhile, the L1 R1 button is pretty much optional in our opinion. If you play Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, it is definitely here to help you. The goal is for you to be able to shoot faster with the buttons at the top. However, if you play MOBA games like Mobile Legend, this button doesn’t matter.

The price of the L1 R1 gamepad itself is cheap. You can buy it in Bukalapak from around Rp 25,000.

5. Power bank

Playing games will definitely drain your HP battery. Especially if it is a game with an Internet connection. Of course, when playing games at home or anywhere there is a power source, it is easy to recharge the battery. It’s different when you’re on the go.

To avoid charging the battery on the go, you should take a large-capacity power bank with you. Currently there are many power banks equipped with high performance, up to 20,000 mAh!

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Make your HP gaming sessions even more exciting and fun!

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