3 Security Optimization Tips For The Samsung Galaxy S9

Security Optimization Tips For The Samsung Galaxy S9

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the best Samsung smartphones of the moment. It brings with it many cutting-edge features, some of which overhaul the design of the Galaxy S8.

For you as a user of the Samsung Galaxy S9, it is imperative to maintain the security of access to this high-end smartphone. Here are some tips for security settings in the Samsung Experience OS on the Galaxy S9.

Security Optimization Tips For The Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Set password to unlock S9

It seems that it has become one that should not disappoint general smartphone users. On the Samsung Galaxy S9, you can set a password or a PIN and a PIN to unlock the smartphone in the settings when it is locked.

To do this, go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Screen lock type. Choose the option that seems most suitable and convenient for you to unlock the Galaxy S9.

2. Set up the S9 fingerprint scanner.

One of the most obvious physical changes to the Galaxy S9 is the relocation of the fingerprint reader, which was originally on the side of the camera (on the Galaxy S8) below the camera. Moving the location of this scanner can make the opening process of Galaxy S9 more convenient.

You can manage fingerprints from Settings > Lock screen and security > Biometrics > Fingerprint reader. This fingerprint scanner is also used in some app payment authentication methods.

3. Enable smart scan mode

Smart scan on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a face scanner feature that uses the camera for selfies. However, instead of just scanning facial features, Intelligent Scan on the Galaxy S9 also integrates iris scanning of the eye, making scan results more unique, safer, and harder to detect.

You can enable smart search from Settings > Lock screen & security > Smart search.

Samsung Galaxy S9: price in Indonesia

The flagship smartphone unveiled by Samsung at MWC 2018 has been available in Indonesia since March 2018. The Galaxy S9 is available in multiple specifications and price configurations, including:

– Galaxy S9 with 4GB RAM / 64GB ROM Rp 11.5 million

– Galaxy S9+ with 6GB RAM / 64GB ROM 13 million IDR

– Galaxy S9+ with 6GB RAM / 256GB ROM 14.5 million IDR

Make sure you have the security settings above to use the Samsung Galaxy S9 in daily life.

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